OriginalTalent retention

Talent retention

Talent management is a great challenge for companies. The departure of a competent employee profoundly affects his entire professional environment. So how does a company become a champion of retention?
This course deconstructs the misconceptions surrounding this period of “Great Resignation” and provides the key to understanding the new habits of the labor market. It raises the question of the role of the manager and human resources and lists some good practices for retaining employees by remaining flexible, developing its training offer, and arming itself with the right tools to enhance each person’s skills.


You will be able to :

  • Understand employees’ new expectations
  • Put in place solutions to foster a lasting relationship with your employees
  • Analyze the strengths of your employees and adapt to them
  • Chapters:

    • New Labor Market Trends: Myths and Realities
    • Build employee loyalty
    • Valuing the employees’ skills

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