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Test Your Adaptability

What could be more complicated than preparing for all situations when you don’t know what tomorrow will bring? It’s impossible to anticipate everything, even if some futurologists have a few ways to anticipate different scenarios. But you are not a futurologist – at first glance. So at your level, what you can do is learn to adapt, to form the best habits so you become as nimble as a cat, and can always land on your feet smoothly. To prepare you and test your ability to adapt, we offer you this short 9-part test, based on the three courses of the playlist How to Adapt. Choose the best option from three proposals to earn up to 360 stars. Good luck!

You will be able to :

  • better understand your ability to analyse a problem and choose the most efficient solution
  • assess your reactions and understanding of agility
  • Chapters:

    • Assessment

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