Coorpacademy OriginalThe Pitch and Storytelling for Business

The Pitch and Storytelling for Business

Wouldn’t it be great if your presentations could be as gripping as a good film? Well, it’s possible, thanks to the pitch and storytelling! In this course, you will learn how to make your presentations lively and forceful to convince your audience and gain buy-in. What are the basic principles of the pitch and storytelling? What are the right questions to ask yourself? How should you organize your presentation and which elements should you pay particular attention to? You’ll find here all the tips you need to present your ideas in their best light, whatever the context!


You will be able to :

  • Present your ideas efficiently to win over your public
  • Get to the point, with emotion and conviction!
  • Chapters:

    • The Pitch and Storytelling: Why and Who For?
    • The Pillars of the Pitch and Storytelling

    You will be able to :

  • Ask yourself the right question to build your pitch
  • Involve your public in an engaging story
  • Present all your ideas like a pro, in all circumstances!
  • Chapters:

    • The Elements for Building a Good Pitch
    • Storytelling: Gaining Buy-in Through Emotion
    • Performing Well on the Big Day

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