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The Massive Battle is a new feature we have developed with one of our clients, because we believe in open innovation and we put our clients’ and our learners’ needs at the center of what we are doing everyday.

Before jumping into the massive Battle, let’s refresh our memories: What’s a Battle?

The Battle is a gaming element on the Coorpacademy platforms. It consists in a challenge with questions to be answered – rightly and rapidly.

When sending a Battle invitation, you can challenge anyone you want on any course you want. The person answering the most questions correctly – or the fastest if there is a tie – will “win the Battle”, and 5 bonus stars, with, obviously, a better knowledge of the topic.

Generally, there are 6 to 8 questions to be answered, which represents 2 questions per chapters, from the chosen course.

From simple to massive Battles

As the name would suggest, there are more than 2 players in a Massive Battle. Actually, all learners – or a chosen group of learners – can compete in a Massive Battle. They are challenged by one single learner.

For what need? To engage all learners in a playful way on a particular course.
Massive Battle, a manual in 4 steps!

1- Choose the learner who will send the Battle invitation.

You need to choose the learner that will send the invitation and challenge others. It’s important to note that the learner who sends the Battle invitation will never earn any points, whatever the issue of Battle is. The “Battle launcher” you will select will “lend” his/her name the time of the challenge and will become a “Battle automaton”.

👉  Trick number 1: Choose preferably a learner known by all in your organization, a C-level executive for example!

👉  Trick number 2: This “Battle automaton” can also be a “fictive learner”, a profile specifically created for this use case. It could be a Battle Master or an Innovation Master if you launch a Battle on a course on innovation.

2- Choose the population (or group of learners) that will receive the invitation

You have a choice: either you send the Battle invitation to all learners registered on your platform, or only to one or several selected populations.

3- Choose the topic and the course

Choose the course but also the level (Basic, Advanced or Coach) on which you want to challenge learners.

👉  Trick: You can choose a course which is part of a dedicated learning path you’ve set up for your organization or part of a certified path.

4- Choose the level of difficulty

Before accepting a Battle invitation, the learner can revise the chosen course. But you can choose the Battle’s level of difficulty.

👉  Easy: Your Battle launcher answers correctly and “automatically” to 20% of all questions. Which means that all players that have accepted the Battle request will “win the Battle” if they answer correctly to more than 20% of the questions.

👉  Medium: You Battle launcher has answered correctly to half of the questions. The player must answer to more than 50% of the questions in order to win the challenge.

👉 Hard: 80% of questions are automatically correct! A player must answer almost all answers correctly in order to win!

Are you convinced, are you ready? Contact your favorite Customer Success Manager who will set up everything and push the button for you!


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