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How to be efficient remotely? Facing the global Covid-19 outbreak, most companies are making their employees work remotely. Unprecedented times, unprecedented measures. But organizations and employees are not at the same level when it comes to working remotely.

This is why we unveiled on all our learning platforms a special playlist, “Remote Working”, including all you will need to be efficient at work remotely and to be agile!

Tools to work remotely like a boss

Communicate at all times with instant messaging or videoconferences. 

  1. Slack is an instant messaging platform (text, call and video) which regroup people by channels and gather all the information you need to work. Slack can interface itself with numerous services and applications already implemented, such as Salesforce, Google Drive…
  2. Microsoft Teams is a similar platform where you can chat with your coworkers, invite them to meetings, call them or collaborate with them in a dedicated online place, wherever you are.
  3. For videoconferencing, let’s not forget Skype, Zoom and others (Google Hangouts Meet, appear.in, join.me)… Participating in meetings in video, remotely, has never been this easy!

Virtual collaboration for work in real life!

With tools such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, you can upload all your files online and allow instant consultation and/or modification, in real time,  to several coworkers on documents such as word documents, spreadsheets or slides.

Manage your projets remotely and plan your meetings smartly. 

  1. One of the most famous tools, Trello, will allow you to organize your projects and to prioritize tasks in an agile, fun and enriching way thanks to its boards, lists and carts.
  2. For agendas, you can use your virtual calendars such as Google Calendar. You can also associate this tool to Virtual Assistants such as Clockwise or Julie Desk which will help you plan in a seamless manner: by doing this, you will avoid confusing back and forth discussions to set up times for a meeting.

Good tools make a great worker, yes, but “men are social beings” (Aristotle).

Remote working implies using these tools efficiently for communication to be as seamless and efficient as possible. The main objective is to remain performant but also to limit the risks of bad comprehension, loneliness and induced stress. The way of managing your teams and handling your emotions are paramount, and these are skills for which anyone can learn, upskill and improve. 

The online learning playlist “Remote Working” includes courses on new agile management methods and on stress and emotions management. Every details need to be taken into account, even simple 5 minute breathing exercises to relax. 

Our team of instructional designers has aggregated for our learners the most adapted courses to face the unprecedented situation we are currently living. This aims at improving everyone’s efficiency in a very concrete way. Whether it is about personal organization, project management or the remote management of a team, discover in this new playlist:

  1. methods to structure one’s workload and manage allocated time and priorities, 
  2. online tools to collaborate and communicate as a team,
  3. new agile work techniques,
  4. but also – and this is important – simple methods to stay zen and relax, to manage one’s emotions and others’.

Try this new playlist out!

6 hours of learning content, whether you do it as complete courses – between 30 and 45 minutes – or in short microlearning learning nuggets.

Stay safe, take care of yourself and others, and happy remote working!

If you want to go further, discover these management advises on HBR.

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