The benefits of the Yogist® – Well at Work method in companies: interview with Anne-Charlotte Vuccino

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🧠 “Our bodies and brains are still, until proven otherwise, our primary working tools”

💻  As hybrid work intensifies, our jobs have become increasingly sedentary. Thus, quality of life at work has become a real priority, both for team performance but also for attracting and retaining talent!

🎬 Discover the interview of Anne-Charlotte Vuccino, CEO of YOGIST® – Well At Work, who shares her feedback on the benefits of the Yogist method in companies and explains her perception of the evolution of QLW.



Too stressed, too sedentary, times are hard… How can we alleviate and prevent the ills of the office and of working at a distance?

Anne-Charlotte Vuccino: Since the lockdowns with compulsory remote working, and then with the switch to hybrid working, we have become even more sedentary. Sitting in front of our screens all day, not moving enough and not taking a break, neither mental nor physical.

Today, the Yogist method in companies, whether in the office or at home
or at home, it teaches workers how to work or remote work without damaging themselves, by moving, breathing, and oxygenating their bodies and brains, which are, until proven otherwise, still their primary tools for work.

Relaxing is not so easy… How do you teach it to as many employees as possible?

Anne-Charlotte Vuccino: Clearly, digital technology allows us to reach many more people today than if we had taught these exercises and methods in an office. It obviously allows us to increase the effect and benefits of these lessons tenfold, and above all to provide employees with content and techniques that are immediately accessible when they need them, whether they are at home or in the office. And that obviously changes the game.

Quality of Life at Work: a basic trend or the icing on the cake?
Anne-Charlotte Vuccino: Since the Covid crisis, health prevention in companies has become central. We had to protect employees against this disease, but what I have seen is that the quality of life at work has also become a major issue. It is no longer just an accessory, a cherry on top when everything is going well. It has become a priority at the top of the pile of concerns, because it is really a lever for attracting and retaining talent. And of course, when you are well in your body, in your head, when you don’t have musculoskeletal problems, hyper-connection or stress, you obviously work better. So this must become even more of a performance issue for the employee and for the company.
Your best trick for recharging your batteries instantly?
Anne-Charlotte Vuccino: When I’m dealing with too many things at the same time, when I have a lot of windows open on my internal computer, I take a break. A physical break or a mental break. Oxygenating the brain also means allowing it to go back into battle with clearer ideas. And for that, we have a very simple exercise at Yogist, called the countdown. We use numbers to breathe from twenty-five to zero, one inhalation and one exhalation per number, closing our eyes and concentrating only on that number. If you lose the count, it means you’ve been thinking about something else, so you start again from twenty-five and at the end of the twenty-five breaths, I assure you that you will be much calmer with much clearer ideas, with your energies and batteries completely recharged.

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