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2 years ago

Learning Innovation


To enable our customers to customize their training paths, our product is evolving. Engage your employees more in training by creating an environment that reflects your image and your training needs. These personalized pages are also called “Universe Pages”.



Why create a Universe page?

A Universe page allows you to create a personalized space in order to highlight certain content, whether it be course playlists, videos or upcoming events. This will allow you to link different training formats (events, e-learning modules, information, internal visuals, etc.) together within the same space and thus effectively guide your learners through their learning path.



6 reasons to create a Universe page :

Do you want to highlight the launch of a new training program? The Universe pages will allow you to promote your program by adding all the necessary context.


Do you have a training path that needs a little more context? The Universe page can allow you to detail a specific training path and embed the training modules directly within the page to redirect learners to the courses within!

Need to target different learner populations for specific training paths? These Universe pages can be dedicated by profession, in order to direct learners to the courses that correspond to them.


An upcoming event? The Universe page is an opportunity to promote your event and to specify the dates, to redirect your employees to a registration page.


Your learners have something to say! The Universe page can also be a place dedicated to the voice of your employees. Put forward learners’ testimonials, so that they can share their experiences on the platform and their feedback on the courses they have played!

How to create your Universe page?

To create your Universe page, you will need to contact your Customer Success Manager.


In concrete terms, what does it mean?




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