Microlearning: a new way of learning!

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7 years ago

Learning Innovation

New-update-formation-digitalWhat is microlearning?

Microlearning -or instant online access to a short training module – is adapted to new uses and ways of life.

“Quick access and easy to use, microlearning lets you learn efficiently and immediately with short learning sessions” explains Jessica Dehler, Head of R&D at Coorpacademy.

Why using it?

This has been evaluated on the basis of our 500,000 feedbacks from our learners.

It can be hard to find 1 hour to complete a training course. Our learners need a greater autonomy and a non- restrictive way to learn during their coffee break at work, their metro ride or even when they cook pasta!

Focus on Coorpacademy’s microlearning experience:

From August 2017, all our platforms will propose microlearning: freedom to train on one particular notion in only a few minutes.

It will be possible to go through every chapter without having to take the whole course. All chapters will be accessible independently of their course. This new learning mode will not delete our traditional way of learning. It will always be possible to take a full course, succeed every level and get certifications.

How does it works?

Franck is the digital marketing specialist of his company and knows everything about it. At least he thought he did He receives an invitation for a meeting with the SEO specialist in half an hour. He wants to work on the Quality Score of his Google Ads. But what is “Quality Score” again? Franck doesn’t remember and is afraid to ask… He takes his mobile phone and:


Within 5 minutes, Franck learned 5 key notions about the quality score and can now be fully effective during his meeting.


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