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2 years ago

Learning Innovation


During the course of a day, our attention is constantly stimulated by various information. We only need to spend 30 minutes on our favourite social network, or turn on our television, to realise the constant hubbub around us. Paradoxically, we have also become more attentive to the type of information we are willing to receive. But the point is that this flood of information is one of the reasons why we want to create the most relevant content possible. But how can we deliver on this promise? We’ll explain it to you in a few lines, so you don’t lose your attention.


A finely tuned catalogue

If you have read our article on the recipe of the Coorpacademy catalogue courses, you will know that we take care of both the presentation and what is on the plate. To engage our learners and stimulate them during their learning, it is important to offer them premium content, designed by educational engineers or in co-publication with exclusive partners such as Forbes, IBM or Cegos. To build a relevant training catalogue adapted to each learner, it is crucial to offer tailor-made content, so that it fits them perfectly. Thus, our content catalogue includes courses concocted by us and also by the business experts of each organisation we work with, to promote the development of each individual’s skills.


Content tailored to the changing world

Learning means progressing, doing better, evolving. This implies not only change, but also temporality. We start from a point A, at a certain point in time, and end up at point B, in some time. Therefore, in a rapidly changing world, learning is essential. In preparing our courses, we think about the world of tomorrow, to better prepare you for it. Thus, the more than 1700 exclusive modules on soft skills that make up our training catalogue are designed to guide you through the 5 crucial transformations for the future of organisations. But fighting for tomorrow’s world means that it still exists. That’s why we offer Coorpecology, the first training platform dedicated to the ecological transition, and why we are proud to collaborate with the Collège des Directeurs du Développement Durable (C3D) to design courses that develop sustainable thinking.


Support that is as personal as your experience on our platforms

To get to know you, we have a major ally: data. If you’ve played the All About Data playlist, we’re not teaching you anything, data is essential to designing a learning experience that reflects you. Indeed, by playing courses on our platforms, we are able to refine what we offer. So, training is really just a click away. But if our courses adapt to our learners, our platform also adapts to the needs of our clients, integrating directly into their training ecosystem. When we say that we know you well, it’s also because our team of Customer Success Managers supports you in your training projects, to achieve your objectives and those of your learners. We offer you concrete actions to engage your community of learners over time and reach new heights!


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