The Favourite Courses of the Learning Content Team in 2023

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1 year ago

Learning Innovation

At the 💙 of creating and co-editing Coorpacademy’s premium catalogue of courses, our pedagogical engineers have a 💙 as big as that and invariably 💙 particular courses!


💡 Discover the pedagogical favorite course: “Disability situation(s): Julia & Max and visual impairment” co-edited with Dialogue Training Academy.

📚 In this course, you take on the role of Dava, a conversational agent programmed to understand the daily lives of people with disabilities.



🧠 Mental health is an essential component of our overall well-being, encompassing our emotional, psychological and social well-being. As vital as physical health, it influences productivity, engagement and job satisfaction.

💡 For this month of mental health awareness, discover the teaching team’s favorite “Mental Health – Part I” co-published with Video Arts



Discover the pedagogical team’s favorite course of the month “Generative AI and the art of prompts” co-edited with Fabernovel!

👩‍💻 A course to learn how to exploit the full potential of AI and perfect your prompts.



Discover the pedagogical team’s favorite course “The Sustainable Company: How to Reconcile Profit with Well-Being and Sustainability” and take action to go beyond the objectives of a simple CSR strategy!

💡 This course is inspired by the book L’Entreprise contributive, written by Fabrice Bonnifet and Céline Puff Ardichvili.


Elon Musk (Space X), Lucie Basch (Too Good To Go) or Steve Jobs…

Between revolutionary leadership, innovative working methods, extravagant personalities and unfailing resilience, these business geniuses inspire admiration as much as criticism.

Discover the pedagogical team favorite courses “Taking inspiration from business geniuses“.



What physical object can blockchain technology be likened to?
📖 A book
📞 A telephone
🔐 A safe

Correct answer: blockchain technology can be likened to a ledger, which is both digital and distributed among a plurality of participants.

Discover our pedagogical team favorite “From Web 3.0 to Tokenization: The new Uses of Blockchain” co-published with IBM



🔍 Check out the pedagogical team’s favorite “Open Source for companies” co-published with Ouishare to learn how to run open source projects and generate quality contributions.



 Discover the favorite course of the pedagogical team: “Preparing the company for the environmental transition”.

In this course, you will (re)discover the tools and the right reflexes to participate in the sustainable transformation of companies.



 Discover our new “Pop Quiz” format: the surprise quiz to test your knowledge in 5 minutes!

In the “Cybersecurity: do you have the virus?” course, you will (re)discover the best practices to adopt in terms of cybersecurity. Passwords, suspicious sites, and fraudulent e-mails will no longer hold any secrets for you.



💡 68% of employees want to be trained on the challenges of the ecological transition in their company(CSA (Research Institute) for LinkedIn and ADEME).

The course coup de 💙 from the educational team “Taking action for the ecological transition” co-edited with the College of Sustainable Development Directors (C3D) proposes to make a tour of the possible modes of action and brings keys of understanding and action to enable you to contribute to the ecological transition.

*This course was designed based on mostly French and European sources.



💻 The General Data Protection Regulation, does it speak to you? It certainly does! But do you know what it provides in the event of a personal data breach?

Review the basics of cybersecurity to get through 2023 with peace of mind with the Educational Team’s Favorite course “Responding to a Data Breach” co-edited with OAKland Group.

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