Will you accept this challenge? The Battle requests are becoming terrific!

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5 years ago

Learning Innovation


After we rewarded Sory Fofana with a prize for being the player of the millionth Battle on Coorpacademy, we decided to redesign the Battles on the platform. We started redesigning the Battle requests. Let’s see how! But before diving in, just a quick reminder on Battles…

1 battle  = 2 players + an average of 6 questions on 1 course level


A Battle is launched by a player to another, randomly or strategically chosen, your choice! The one who has the more right answers, or the fastest one in the event of a tie, wins the Battle. But not only, this player also wins stars to climb up the ranking and improves his or her knowledge base. Not mentioning the feeling of pride you receive after winning a Battle!

The redesign of battle requests


What are the objectives? The player who receives Battle requests…

1. …Is now better notified of being challenged

2. …Can choose better the Battles he wants to play and the opponents – they are well displayed on each Battle request cards.

3. …Can review the course before accepting the battle to get more chances to win!

Just see for yourself!

The new design of Battle requests on Coorpacademy

It’s time to play!

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