Coorpacademy in CBInsights’s 2017 EdTech World Market Map

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7 years ago


Mapping-EdTech-CoorpacademyData analysis firm CBInsights has recognized Coorpacademy as a leader who “re-invents Education“.

Coorpacademy is the only French startup identified by this new report “The Ed Tech Market Map: 90+ Startups Building The Future Of Education”.

Mapping-EdTech-CDInsights2017 Ed Tech Market Map of CBInsights identifies 90+ of the well-funded private companies working specifically on Ed Tech and highlights 14 main categories in which they operate, from exam grading software to online learning platforms to secondary education systems that offer alternatives to traditional schooling.

CBInsight’s definition of Ed Tech includes “startups working to replace or supplement traditional education systems for both students and professionals”.

According to CBInsights, Coorpacademy is a leader in providing “an online training platform for enterprises…that leverages gamification and social learning to offer more innovative content and training solutions which are also better adapted to enterprises.”

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