FABERNOVEL OriginalMaster Design Thinking to become more agile

Master Design Thinking to become more agile

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You must have heard about agile methods. But do you know about Design Thinking? This method, characterised by end-user involvement, is used by start-ups and large companies alike. But all businesses can use it for inspiration! This course will show you the key ideas and teach you to use them in your job. At the end of this course, you will be able to test your skills in a role-playing exercise where you are in the driving seat.


You will be able to :

  • Understanding the different types of agile methods
  • Learning what the major stages in design thinking’s history were
  • Understanding the potential of design thinking in healthcare through the GE Healthcare case study
  • Chapters:

    • An overview of agile methods
    • A short history of design thinking
    • GE Healthcare and MRI for children

    You will be able to :

  • Grasping the mind set required for a Design Thinking approach
  • Mastering the 5 steps to follow for applying the Design Thinking method
  • Understanding how to apply design thinking through the Gares & Connexions case study
  • Chapters:

    • Design thinking’s 5 attitudes
    • Design thinking’s 5 steps
    • Gares & Connexions: what lessons can we learn?

    You will be able to :

  • Understanding the basics of project mode
  • Applying the user approach to develop a product or service
  • Putting the skills learned into practice in an immersive role-play
  • Chapters:

    • Project mode
    • The user approach: methods
    • Adaptive

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    Training in Agile Methods and Design Thinking is a progressive way to learn new problem.

    Design Thinking is a based on understanding and predicting customer responses and it can be employed by small and medium enterprises and large companies. Its hallmark is to inspire creativity in business processes and management. Design thinking training equips students with key principles and teaches them how to use them. These strategies are not limited to a specific industry or service.

    What is Design thinking? Why do a Design Thinking Online Course?

    While Design Thinking has been used by creative designers to adopt creative strategies, its utilisation doesn’t stop there. In more recent times, a Design Thinking online course has been used to teach business owners to approach problems and challenges in business and social contexts. Many original and innovative minds have used Design Thinking and Agile Methods to approach problems differently and find creative solutions to problems. The ideology has been embraced in the literature, art, music, science, engineering, and business fields for many decades.

    Thinking about problems in the way that a designer does, enables business owners to visualise different strategies to develop products and services or business processes. Design Thinking integrates the needs of people, technology and business success, to create strategies that maximise customer satisfaction and profits.

    The processes used to arrive at original, reliable strategies is repeatable and can be used in a variety of different industries, so business owners in different fields can employ these effective methods across the board, no matter their product or service.

    Design thinking online course

    Design thinking training offers students the opportunity to learn how to solve complex problems by employing non-traditional methods like imagination, logic, intuition, as well as systemic reasoning, to come up with possible solutions and create desired outcomes. These will benefit customers and individuals. The Agile metods online course content informs students about these techniques and ways to apply them.

    Design thinking uses elements of empathy and experimentation to arrive at solutions that determine what future customers are likely to want and need instead of employing old data or taking dangerous risks. By the end of a design thinking and agile metods course you can test your skills with a challenging role-playing exercise.

    Design Thinking and Agile Metods Online Course

    A Design Thinking mooc (Massive Open Online Course) or Agile Metods online course will assist students in understanding the different types of agile methods, the major stages in design thinking’s history and the great potential that design thinking has to transform the healthcare industry -using the model of the GE Healthcare case study and MRI for children as an example.

    Students are taught to gather information, generate ideas, turn these ideas into tangible business strategies and share the efforts to inspire others.

    An e-learning design thinking course can be completed in your home, using your computer. E-learning design thinking offers a basic introduction and applied knowledge of design thinking and agile metods so that novel strategies can be learned and used to solve problems.

    Master Design Thinking to become more agile

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