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Leadership sins

Being a leader comes with high responsibilities: you must set the right example and nurture inspiration. But responding appropriately to all situations is not an easy job, and more than a few of us easily give in to temptation. However, exhibiting any of the classic leadership sins is a sure-fire way to alienate your team and lose their motivation. If you are looking for a light to guide you in this arduous task, this course is for you!


You will be able to :

  • Tell the difference between leading and controlling
  • Address conflicts in a timely and tactful manner
  • Avoid the common sin of decision paralysis
  • Chapters:

    • Control freakery
    • Avoiding conflict
    • Dithering

    You will be able to :

  • Accept that being a good leader is not about being loved
  • Understand how small talk can get you close to your team
  • Get the importance of being open to feedback and improvement
  • Chapters:

    • Being loved
    • The importance of small talk
    • Vanity

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