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Management 3.0

  • 45 min
  • 72 questions
  • 9 videos

Employee expectations are changing now that new generations have entered the job market. And management is changing too! But what new roles do managers have to fulfil? On this course, you’ll learn the basic principles of agile management and their practical application. You’ll also find out how to build efficient, creative teams. So now it’s over to you!


You will be able to :

  • Understanding the basic principles of Management 3.0
  • Identifying the attitude of an agile manager
  • Differentiating between a servant leader and a host leader
  • Chapters:

    • The principles of Management 3.0
    • A new type of manager
    • Servant leader and host leader

    You will be able to :

  • Understanding the benefit of games at work and adopting fun business practices
  • Making teams more creative by adapting business practices
  • Putting tools in place to develop your team’s imagination
  • Chapters:

    • Promoting collaboration through games
    • Developing your team’s creativity
    • Inspiring your team’s imagination

    You will be able to :

  • Finding ways to increase team participation
  • Understanding the internal workings of a team so that these can be changed
  • Understanding collective intelligence
  • Identifying current developments in the company
  • Chapters:

    • Increasing every employee’s commitment and involvement
    • Redesigning teams
    • Making the most of collective intelligence
    • Rethinking the very structure of the business

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    Management 3.0 corporate training & Online course

    Learn what it means to be a business leader in the 21st century with Coorpacademy’s management 3.0 training course. In these rapidly changing times, the old rigid hierarchies can leave companies stranded. And not the least of these challenges is how to make the most of new generations of employees who bring their own expectations and life goals to the workplace.

    Our agile management course offers ways to reinvent management structures to suit changing times and attitudes, while engaging younger members of staff by allowing them to be creative rather than simply following orders.

    A flexible approach is at the heart of the management 3.0 course.

    Rather than planning everything minutely in advance, agile managers set goals and encourage their staff to come up with inventive solutions. To do this, they build teams and inspire individual efforts, empowering staff members to use their own initiative.

    What kind of manager are you going to be? A servant leader who creates the environment for their employees’ success, a great listener able to source solutions from those around them? A host leader, a mediator and a unifying presence who ensures that everyone is pulling in the same direction? Find out by taking our management 3.0 online course.

    The management 3.0 mooc from Coorpacademy

    The management 3.0 mooc from Coorpacademy has three levels, Basic, Advanced and Coach. The Basic management 3.0 e-learning module offers a clear, concise introduction to the basic concepts of agile management and the varieties of leadership possible. The Advanced management 3.0 training level explores the methods by which you can stimulate an exciting new team dynamic with games and fun activities. Lastly, the Coach level agile management course looks more closely at how teams work, maximising individual involvement, and asks what larger lessons can be applied to companies and businesses.

    Each section of the management 3.0 course comes with a series of videos that match sharp, instructive text with vibrant, memorable graphics. Clients can access these on a range of tablets, mobiles and other devices, making them ideal inspirational viewing during coffee breaks or on the go.

    Another important aspect of the management 3.0 online course are the quizzes which test clients on their grasp of essential facts and principles, while also supplying further nuggets of instructional material. If in doubt, check out our helpful hints. There are also online coaches available to assist with the management 3.0 e-learning course, for that additional element of interactivity.

    An easy to use, intuitive digital learning solution, our management 3.0 training and agile management course teaches bosses how to become motivational leaders. With just a few short online study sessions, you will be given the key to unlocking the potential of your workforce, making your company more productive in a way that is a positive experience for all.

    Management 3.0

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