The Favourite Courses of the Learning Content Team in 2022

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2 years ago

Learning Innovation

At the 💙 of creating and co-editing Coorpacademy’s premium catalogue of courses, our pedagogical engineers have a 💙 as big as that and invariably 💙 particular courses!



💡 80% of disabilities are invisible.

The pedagogical team’s favorite course “Disability Awareness”, co-published with Centre for Resolution, will teach you how to identify disability situations and create the right working conditions for the employees concerned.



👾 Programming, developing or creating mobile apps without writing a line of code sounds absurd? Yet, it is possible with no-code tools!

The pedagogical team’s favorite course “No code : a driving force for innovation“, co-edited with Fabernovel, will allow you to give life to your ideas, without coding.



🤯 Disaster! It’s Thursday, and you still haven’t completed half of your priorities for the week. Here are three solutions to remedy that:

🤳Cut off all your notifications
📝 List your tasks to achieve your goal.
🧘Sit down in a quiet place

or you can also take the course “How to focus on concentration at work” co-edited with Dunod Formation, and discover all the keys to come to terms with your to-do list!



🗣 Before you get into a debate, it’s best to understand how reasoning is constructed.

To prepare you for the art of argumentation and teach you how to identify the flaws in your interlocutor’s arguments, discover the teaching team’s 💙 coup de 💙 “The Art of Argumentation” co-edited with Luc de Brabandere & Anne Mikolajczak.



🚀 69% of office workers believe that hybrid work will be fundamental to retaining talent in the future. 

Check out the educational team’s favorite take on “Hybrid Working“, a course co-edited with Learn Assembly to learn how to adapt to the needs of your employees and achieve the ideal work pace for everyone.


📈 94% of companies say that data is critical to business growth.

In order for the data you collect to drive decisions, you need to be able to make it speak in a language that all stakeholders can understand. That’s where data visualization comes in 👁

💡 Check out the “Data: The Art of Data Visualization” course to master the best practices and pitfalls of translating your data into impactful visuals that will inspire action.



🌱 73% of French people are not aware of the notion of digital ecology.

💻 What about you? Do you know how to measure your digital footprint?

Discover the blow of 💙 of the educational team: The path to digital sustainability, a course co-edited with FABERNOVEL to continue to take full and serene advantage of the potential offered by the digital!



⏯ You do deserve a break, don’t you?

💡 In our increasingly sedentary jobs, our bodies often pay the price of poor posture, fatigue and screen lights.

Discover the coup de 💙 of the educational team: Three Yogist® journeys to stay active in the office and take care of your well-being at work!


🤦‍♀️ 60% of European women have already been victims of sexism or harassment at work (Fondation Jean-Jaurès – 2019).

🙅‍♀️ Train yourself to “Preventing Sexist Behaviour and Sexual Harassment” with the course co-edited with Wolters Kluwer!


⚡️ 71% of executives believe that engagement is crucial to organizational success.

Check out our pedagogical team’s 💙 course of the month: “Find meaning in your work!” co-edited by somanyWays!


🌱 Nearly 70% of large companies consider environmental protection as the priority CSR issue for the coming years (Baromètre des Grandes Entreprises).

The coup de 💙 of the month from our pedagogical engineers is the Coorpacademy course “Eco-friendly actions: reduce your daily environmental impact”.

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