The Favourite Courses of the Learning Content Team in 2022

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4 months ago

Learning Innovation

At the 💙 of creating and co-editing Coorpacademy’s premium catalogue of courses, our pedagogical engineers have a 💙 as big as that and invariably 💙 particular courses!



⏯ You do deserve a break, don’t you?

💡 In our increasingly sedentary jobs, our bodies often pay the price of poor posture, fatigue and screen lights.

Discover the coup de 💙 of the educational team: Three Yogist® journeys to stay active in the office and take care of your well-being at work!


🤦‍♀️ 60% of European women have already been victims of sexism or harassment at work (Fondation Jean-Jaurès – 2019).

🙅‍♀️ Train yourself to “Preventing Sexist Behaviour and Sexual Harassment” with the course co-edited with Wolters Kluwer!


⚡️ 71% of executives believe that engagement is crucial to organizational success.

Check out our pedagogical team’s 💙 course of the month: “Find meaning in your work!” co-edited by somanyWays!


🌱 Nearly 70% of large companies consider environmental protection as the priority CSR issue for the coming years (Baromètre des Grandes Entreprises).

The coup de 💙 of the month from our pedagogical engineers is the Coorpacademy course “Eco-friendly actions: reduce your daily environmental impact”.

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